Citizenship ceremonies

Find out how to book your place at one of our regular citizenship ceremonies. 

Book a citizenship ceremony

You can invite 2 guests to attend the ceremony with you.

If you are a married couple, you will need to book individually.

What you need to know

Every citizen (aged over 18) who applies for citizenship (after approval by the Home Office) must attend a citizenship ceremony in order to achieve citizenship status. If they do not attend within three months of approval, they need to start their application process again.

The ceremony is the final step to becoming a British citizen. It is a way of formally welcoming people into their community, as well as welcoming them as a new British citizen.

We ask each new citizen to make promises and say an oath to the sovereign, that they will be a faithful citizen. They must also make a formal and public pledge, that they will be a loyal subject and observe the laws of this country.

We hold regular group citizenship ceremonies at Lambeth Register Office, usually every two weeks. New citizens can choose to have an individual ceremony, which can normally be completed sooner for an additional charge.

Get further information for anyone who is interested in becoming a British citizen on the GOV.UK website.

Arrange a citizenship ceremony

Please book your ceremony online. If your details are not located online, please ensure that you wait for the Home Office invitation letter which instructs you to book your ceremony with Lambeth Register Office.

If you have received this letter and are still unable to book online, please email us at with a copy of the letter.

Please note that we are unable to see personal callers at the office without a prior appointment.