Request a marriage or civil partnership certificate

Find out how to order copies of civil partnership or marriage certificates.

You can buy copies of certificates for marriages and civil partnerships that happened after 31 December 2011. For earlier events, you can order certificates from GOV.UK.

Information that we need from you

To order certificates, you must give us enough information to find the original record. We cannot give you a certificate if we cannot find the original record using the information that you provide, or if we do not hold it.

To order a copy of a marriage or civil partnership certificate, we need to know:

  • the date of the marriage or civil partnership
  • where the marriage or civil partnership happened, including the name of the building or church
  • the full names of both people, including any previous family names
  • the mother's full name, including any family names before marriage
  • the father's full name
  • the date of birth of both individuals.

Church marriages

For church marriages, certificate copies are only available from the Register Office after the church has passed its marriage register to us. You may need to contact the church for a copy of the certificate if we do not have the latest marriage register. If you want to check if we have the latest register, contact the Register Office.

How to order

Certificates cost £12.50 each plus a delivery charge.

Order certificates online

Call 020 7926 9420 to order certificates.
Available Monday-Friday, 9.00am-4.00pm.

Certificate charges

We charge £12.50 for your first certificate, which includes our charge for searching certificate records.

Additional certificates cost £12.50 each. Buying multiple certificates allows you to communicate with many organisations at the same time, without having to wait for your documents to be returned to you.

Delivery charges

After you pay for your order, your certificate will usually be sent within 15 working days. There is currently a backlog of requests due to coronavirus (COVID-19), so your certificate might not arrive for 20-25 working days.

Royal Mail Signed For£3
Royal Mail Special Delivery£7
Royal Mail International Signed and Tracked£13


To help us find your certificate, make sure that you provide all of the information that we ask for. If we cannot find the certificate:

  • we will not refund the £12.50 that you paid for the first certificate and record search
  • we will refund any delivery charges that you paid
  • we will refund any charges that you paid for additional certificates.