Apply for a gambling premises licence

Operators of gambling premises, such as betting shops, bingo halls and amusement arcades, must hold premises licences to authorise the gambling activities being carried on there. 

Application process

The application process differs slightly for each type of application, and full details are given in the guidance notes attached to the application form.

An applicant will always be required to give notice of their application to several 'responsible authorities', such as statutory bodies including the police and the Gambling Commission.

For applications for new licences or variations of existing licences, applicants will also be required to advertise the application, both at the premises and in a local newspaper, to alert local residents and businesses.

From when an application is made, there is a 28-day period during which any representations in respect of the application may be made. Representations may support or oppose the application.

We will usually be able to confirm the grant or refusal of an application shortly after the end of this period. However, the application will usually be referred to a sub-committee hearing for a decision where:

  • an objection has been made
  • the applicant has requested longer trading hours than would usually be accepted
  • the licensing authority wishes to impose further conditions.

Any licence granted will automatically be subject to a number of standard mandatory conditions, depending upon the type of licence.

Licences may also be subject to a default condition restricting opening hours, unless the applicant requested that this was excluded.

The authority can also impose further conditions, in response to any specific concerns.