Food, hygiene and standards

We work with businesses to reduce the risks to public health from food sold in Lambeth, and we have a programme of regular food safety inspections.

An estimated five million people suffer from food poisoning in England and Wales each year. Running a food business means that you have a particular responsibility in protecting the health of your customers.

Together with businesses and residents we work to ensure that the production and sale of food within the borough is safe and complies with legal requirements. By preventing and controlling the risk of infection, the health, safety and welfare of the borough’s residents, visitors and business community is improved.

Food Safety Act

It is an offence for anyone to sell or process food for sale which is harmful to health under the Food Safety Act 1990. The act also placed an obligation on businesses to ensure that their activities are carried out in a hygienic way.

For more detailed information see the Food Standards Agency regulations.