Paying your invoices on time

Guidance and tips on how to help us pay your invoice on time.

How to invoice

When invoicing us ensure your invoice is headed clearly and states:

  • the invoice number
  • the invoice date
  • a valid purchase order number
  • the gross amount
  • your VAT number (if you are registered for VAT).

If you fail to do this, your invoice may be rejected and returned to you for adjustment.

You should also:

  • make sure the description of goods or services match with those on the purchase order
  • include the location where the goods were delivered, or service provided, and the name of the Council officer who placed the order
  • make sure each credit note quotes the invoice and purchase order to which it relates to
  • keep a record of the department and contact details of the officer who placed the order - they will assist with any further queries on your invoice or purchase order.

If you are VAT-registered, visit the HM Revenue and Benefits website for information on invoice requirements.

Avoid delays

To avoid delays do not:

  • duplicate your invoice numbers or quote more than one purchase order number
  • accept a request for goods or services without having a valid Lambeth purchase order number
  • quote prices, quantities or descriptions that differ from the purchase order without prior agreement
  • submit paper copies of invoices if you are signed up to e-invoicing, as your invoice will not be processed and will be rejected.

Sending us your invoice

Send your invoices as soon as possible after dispatching the goods or providing the service. Do not accumulate them.

Do not send invoices in advance unless we have advised you to do so.

For help and guidance on submitting your invoices using Kefron please refer to the documents below:

For any additional queries please email This will automatically raise a DIY ticket.

Help with using the supplier portal

If you would like a walkthrough of how to generate your invoices on the portal, or have any queries, contact or on 0208 926 8676.

Contact us

For payment enquires, including copy remittances, contact us at

Contact the Financial Transaction Service Accounts Payable Team on 02079268676, Monday-Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm.