We do everything we can to ensure that licensed premises operate in accordance with the the law and with any conditions attached to their licences. There may be occasions when concerns exist over the operation of premises which cannot be resolved either through mediation or enforcement. In those situations, you can request that a licence is reviewed.

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What you need to know...

The review process should be used as a last resort. Attempts to resolve the problem should have been made through other avenues such as informal approaches and intervention by other council services such as the Noise Control Service before a review is requested.

The grounds on which you are asking for a review should relate to one or more of the licensing objectives, set out above. Anybody requesting a review will be expected to produce evidence to demonstrate the extent of the problem that forms the grounds for review.

Next Steps

It will also be necessary to give notice of the review to the licence-holder, and to the responsible authorities, by sending them a copy of the completed application form.

If a request for a review is accepted, we will advertise the review in the area around the premises to enable other affected persons to make comments. A period of 28 consecutive days will be allowed for this, with comments submitted in the same way as in the Commenting on licence applications page.

Applications for review will be decided at a hearing of the Licensing Sub-Committee. The person who requested the review, the licence-holder, and anyone else who has made a valid appeal will be invited to attend the hearing and present their case.

The Sub-Committee will then decide whether or not to amend the licence, or suspend or revoke it. All parties will have a right of appeal against any decision made.