Buying commercial services from the council

Lambeth Gold Commercial Services offer a range of services for business and home that you can buy from the council, including pest control, trade waste, facilities management and advertising.

Fast, local, reliable and competitive on price.

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Person recycling bottle in corporate office
Commercial waste

We offer a wide range of collections including general trade waste, mixed recycling, food waste and bulky waste.

Professional setting up a pest control trap
Pest control

We have a team of British Pest Control Association accredited professionals covering various locations including your home or business.

Carpet being cleaned with carpet cleaner
Cleaning services

We offer a variety of cleaning services that cater to both personal and business needs ranging from one-off home clearances and carpet removals to regular deep cleaning, with prices that are flexible and affordable.

Advertising billboard on main road
Advertising and marketing

Our solutions are tailored to the local community. Whether you’re a big corporation or a small business, we have a range of flexible and budget friendly advertising options to suit your needs. 

Crew filming and taking photos on a street
Filming and photography licence

A one-stop service for finding and obtaining filming and photography licences guided by the principles of the London Filming Partnership.

Chairs on table with coloured lockers in the background
Schools facilities management

We offer a number of services ranging from cleaning and confidential waste collection to hygiene and security services.