Personal budgets for disabled children and young people

A personal budget can be used to arrange and pay for some of the support agreed in a child or young person’s education, health and care plan.

Personal budgets:

  • are a pot of money which can be used to help support a child or young person with social care, health or educational needs
  • are based on an assessment of what help is needed, which is included as part of your child's or young person's education, health and care plan (EHCP).

The amount you get can changes as your child’s or young person's needs change.

A personal budget will only be considered if the:

  • proposed activities and services meet the agreed needs and outcomes of the child or young person
  • proposed activities and services do not put at risk or undermine any existing contracts for services purchased either by ourselves, the school, or Lambeth NHS (this means that in putting in place an intervention through a personal budget, other services must not become financially unviable)
  • services provided through a personal budget, if for a service already provided, must not result in an additional cost to us or Lambeth NHS
  • headteacher of the school where the child or young person attends, agrees (this is only if the service or activity will take place within the school).

Who can get a personal budget

You can request a personal budget if your child has an education, health and care plan, or if you are a young person with an EHCP.

If you or your child are applying for an EHCP for the first time, you should be offered a personal budget by your EHCP coordinator.

To discuss this further, contact the SEN team.

If you or your child has a statement of special education needs that has been converted, and you would like to discuss the option for a personal budget, talk to your statement officer.

How you'll get the money

You can get the money as a:

  • direct payment
  • managed budget, where we hold the money and buy your care for you
  • third-party direct payment to a friend or relative, or an organisation that runs a payment service
  • third-party direct payment to a care provider, such as a home care agency (this is called a ‘provider managed account’)
  • mix of direct payment, managed budget and third-party direct payment.