What to do if you disagree with our decisions

Use this guide to find information on disagreements, mediation and appeals regarding our decisions on your child or young person’s special educational needs. 

Resolving disagreements

Disagreement resolution is free, confidential and aims to resolve any disagreements in a quick, informal way using a neutral person (a mediator).

Meetings are held in a safe, neutral environment that allows for both parties to be listened to and understood.

Disagreement resolution and mediation are positive ways of resolving disagreements for parents and carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities, us, and their school when there is a disagreement about how best to meet their child’s need.

You have a right to access an independent service to try to resolve disagreements and can arrange for independent SEN mediation.

Disagreement resolution consists of an independent facilitator bringing together all parties to seek to resolve disagreements through discussion. You can take someone with you if you wish.

Contact the Independent Disagreement Resolution and Mediation service for Lambeth:

KIDS London SEN Mediation Service
Telephone: 020 7520 0405
Email: enquiries.london@kids.org.uk

Visit the KIDS London SEN Mediation Service website

You can also contact the Lambeth SEND Information Advice Support Service for neutral information and support.

If you are involved in resolving a dispute, this does not affect your right to appeal to the Lambeth SEN and Disability Tribunal.