Report a lost or stray dog or cat

You can contact our animal welfare service team if you have lost your dog or cat, or have found a stray.

What you need to know...

If you have lost your dog or cat we need to know:

  • the breed (if relevant)
  • the colour, size, sex and approximate age of the animal
  • if it had a collar with a tag
  • if it is microchipped
  • when and where it was last seen
  • a contact telephone number for you.

Costs for this service

There is no cost for this service.

Do it by phone

Lambeth Animal Welfare Services: 

  • During office hours: 020 7926 8860
  • Outside office hours (Monday-Friday, 5.00pm-8.00am) and at any time during the weekend and on bank holidays: 0207 926 1000