Safer Lambeth Partnership Strategic Assessment

The Strategic Assessment of crime and disorder in the borough is produced to help the Safer Lambeth Partnership, elected Council Members, Council officers, delivery partners, local business representatives and residents understand the most serious crime and community safety issues that Lambeth is facing.

The 2023-24 Strategic Assessment confirmed that the priorities identified in the 2023-30 Safer Lambeth Strategy are still current:

  • Violence Affecting Children and Young Adults under the age of 25 
  • Violence Against Women and Girls 
  • Violence linked to Lambeth’s Town Centres and the Night-time Economy 
  • Gang Violence and Exploitation 
  • Reducing Reoffending  
  • Counter Terrorism 
  • Hate Crime 
  • Anti-Social Behaviour 
  • Substance Misuse 

By setting some bold priorities and focusing on areas the Safer Lambeth Partnership can influence, the Assessment:

  • Informs longer-term strategies;
  • Informs the Partnership’s annual action plan, which determines the strategic approach to reducing crime and disorder in Lambeth; and,
  • Guides decisions on how to effectively allocate resources.