Have your say on the proposed Tulse Hill Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) extension and Brockwell Park to Gypsy Hill Healthy Route

The Council is carrying out a combined statutory consultation on proposals to extend the Tulse Hill Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) extension and the Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill Healthy Route. 

Open date: Friday, 6 January 2023 at 9.00am Close date: Friday, 3 February 2023 at 11.59pm Type: Consultation Neighbourhood: Brixton Category:
  • Streets, roads and transport

The consultation will be open from 6 January 2023, closing on 3 February 2023. 

The Proposal

Following the Council’s decision in May 2022 to proceed with proposals to extend the Tulse Hill CPZ, a combined statutory consultation on this CPZ extension and Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill Healthy Route is now taking place.

Tulse Hill CPZ extension

The results of the Stage 1 consultation, along with your views and officers’ recommendations, were subject to extensive discussion between officers and elected members. An officer decision report was then presented to the Council in May 2022. The delay in communicating this information is a result of aligning the CPZ extension and Healthy Route projects.

After careful consideration, the Council agreed to proceed with a statutory consultation to extend the existing Tulse Hill (Zone H) CPZ. 

The controlled hours of this CPZ extension will be noon-2pm, Monday - Friday, with a Pay by Phone facility to operate with a 1-hour maximum stay.

The council's decision report details the extent of the proposed Tulse Hill (Zone H) CPZ extension.

A number of changes have been incorporated into the statutory consultation design of the CPZ in response to comments received during the Stage 1 consultation.

These include:

  • Excluding Croxted Road, between its northern entrance to Pymers Mead and junction with the A205 South Circular.
  • 2 dedicated loading bays operational 7am – 7pm throughout the week in Lovelace Road.
  • 2 dedicated electric vehicle charging bays in Birkbeck Hill and Dalkeith Road.

To complement the Healthy Route proposals:

  • The parking bay layouts in both Rosendale Road (between Turney Road and A205 Circular) and Turney Road have been amended to reflect 2 new pedestrian crossings and 2 new pedestrian and cycle crossings.
  • The 2 dedicated loading bays in the existing Tulse Hill CPZ in both Guernsey Grove and Harwarden Grove will be relocated.

In addition, 2 new cycle hangars are proposed in Croxted Road and Dalkeith Road, but are subject to a separate statutory consultation process that has already taken place.

No decision has yet been made on their installation but they are shown within the CPZ design for completeness.

Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill Healthy Route (Rosendale Road)

Public engagement on developing proposals for the Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill Healthy Route has been ongoing since 2016, with the engagement report published in July 2021.

More recently, engagement on the extension of the Healthy Route Phase 2 (Turney Road to A205 South Circular) was carried out in September 2022.

Comments were invited on continuation of the two-way protected cycle lane and improved pedestrian crossing facilities, including:

  • A new 3 metre wide two-way cycle track, protected with traffic wands along the eastern side of Rosendale Road, between Turney Road and the A205 South Circular.
  • A new parallel zebra pedestrian and cycle crossing on Rosendale Road near the junction of Turney Road, connecting the existing cycle track delivered in Phase 1 (Norwood Road to Turney Road).
  • The pedestrian refuge on Turney Road, outside the entrance to Rosendale Primary School, will be upgraded to a zebra crossing.
  • The mini roundabout at the junction of Turney Road and Rosendale Road will be removed and replaced with priority junctions.
  • Widened footway and dropped kerbs at the Rosendale Road / Turney Road junction.
  • A new parallel zebra pedestrian and cycle crossing in Rosendale Road near the junction of Lovelace Road.
  • The pedestrian refuge on Rosendale Road, adjacent to All Saints Church, will be upgraded to a raised zebra crossing.

A decision report detailing project objectives and design proposals was approved in November 2022, to proceed to statutory consultation on both the extension of Phase 2 of the Healthy Route, and making existing Healthy Route Phase 1 permanent (Norwood Road to Turney Road), introduced under temporary orders in November 2020.

Tulse Hill CPZ Extension & Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill Healthy Route

Statutory consultation newsletter

Plan of combined proposals

How to respond

The Council is carrying out this combined statutory consultation on the both the extension of the CPZ and the Healthy Route.

A Notice of the Council’s intentions to introduce these measures will be published in a local newspaper (South London Press), the London Gazette, and posted on lamp columns in the area.

For more information on the Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill Healthy Route, please visit the Commonplace page: 

Rosendale Rd Commonplace

Representations to the proposals described in this Notice must be made in writing to:

Barbara Poulter,
Parking and Enforcement Group (Resident Services),
London Borough of Lambeth,
P.O. Box 734, Winchester,
S023 5DG

or by email to: cpzconsultation@lambeth.gov.uk

quoting reference Tulse Hill CPZ /Healthy Route by no later than 3 February 2023. Please clearly state whether your representation refers to the CPZ or Healthy Route proposals.

Objections must relate only to the elements of the schemes that are subject to this statutory consultation.

All representations, along with Officers’ comments and recommendations, will be presented in a final report to be considered by the Council.

The Council is required to give weight to the nature and content of your representations, not necessarily the quantity. Your reasons are therefore important to us.

For a copy of the Orders and other documents including maps are available for inspection online or by appointment.

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