Our updated Local Plan needs policies to ensure developers provide the right type of affordable housing to meet local need. Complete the affordable housing survey.

Affordable housing This consultation is your chance to tell us what you think are the issues for the partial review of the Local Plan and how you think they should be tackled.

There is already an acute shortage of genuinely affordable housing across London and evidence suggests the demand for affordable housing in Lambeth will remain very high over the next 10-15 years.

The definition of affordable housing is set nationally while the Lambeth Local Plan, along with the Mayor’s London Plan, set policies for securing new affordable housing through planning applications for new residential development and for the type of affordable housing that would meet local need.

New development has to be financially viable, or it will not be built. Current Lambeth Local Plan policy requires 40 per cent of the housing units in new development to be affordable or 50 per cent where public subsidy is involved. Our policy requirements for affordable housing need to be as ambitious as possible without affecting viability so much that a development cannot go ahead. We also need to strike the right balance with other uses provided in new development, such as affordable workspace for new businesses.

How to respond

Respond to another part of the Lambeth Local Plan Review 2017

We have created separate online surveys that focus on ten key topics we think need to be considered through the partial review. You can respond to some or all of the topics that interest you by clicking on the separate links below.

If you think other aspects of the existing Local Plan need to be changed, please use the link to the General comments survey. The final link is for comments about the sustainability appraisal.

Please read the Lambeth Local Plan Review 2017 Consultation covering all of these subjects.