Our updated Local Plan needs to ensure development in Lambeth contributes to improving air quality. Complete the air quality survey.

Improving air quality This consultation is your chance to tell us what you think are the issues for the partial review of the Local Plan and how you think they should be tackled.

We know poor air quality in Lambeth is detrimental to health, particularly for older people, children, those with heart and lung conditions and those living in areas with higher levels of deprivation.

Lambeth is required by government, national planning policy and the Mayor of London to monitor air pollution in the borough and must meet the EU limits for a number of known air pollutants. We adopted our Air Quality Action Plan in May 2017, setting out the priorities for improving air quality in the borough and launched our Better Air campaign. A new Local Plan policy on air quality is a key action.

The updated Local Plan needs to address air pollution caused by the construction and operation of residential and commercial buildings in the borough and set out how developers should mitigate the negative impacts of their development on air quality. This policy will work alongside other policies that contribute to improving air quality, such as transport, green infrastructure and waste.

How to respond

Respond to another part of the Lambeth Local Plan Review 2017

We have created separate online surveys that focus on ten key topics we think need to be considered through the partial review. You can respond to some or all of the topics that interest you by clicking on the separate links below.

If you think other aspects of the existing Local Plan need to be changed, please use the link to the General comments survey. The final link is for comments about the sustainability appraisal.

Please read the Lambeth Local Plan Review 2017 Consultation covering all of these subjects.