Our updated Local Plan needs to ensure Lambeth plays its part in managing London’s waste. Complete the waste survey.

Waste This consultation is your chance to tell us what you think are the issues for the partial review of the Local Plan and how you think they should be tackled.

People, businesses and new development generate waste which needs to be managed causing minimum harm to the environment.

Lambeth’s Local Plan already includes a policy on waste that safeguards existing waste sites and, if a waste site is redeveloped for other uses, requires the developer to provide another site for waste elsewhere in the borough. The Local Plan identifies Key Industrial and Business Areas (KIBAs) as the most appropriate locations for new waste facilities.

In the Local Plan Review, we need to show that Lambeth can meet the Mayor’s new waste target for the borough and that we have a robust approach for the different types of waste we must plan for. The Local Plan needs to identify the locations for new waste management activity and say broadly which type of facility is suitable for which area.

How to respond

This consultation ended on Monday 4 December 2017 and is now closed for responses.