Air quality

An overview of the actions that we are taking to tackle air pollution and improve air quality.

Green screens

Children are among the most vulnerable to the effects of air pollution. Since 2017, the Sustainability Team have been installing 'green screens' in schools across Lambeth, to reduce students' exposure to air pollution.

A green screen is foliage that has been allowed to grow around a purpose-made metal-framed lattice. It acts as a natural looking barrier, helping to capture and block particulate pollution.

The screens have a number of other benefits. They:

  • enhance privacy for the school
  • provide valuable habitat for biodiversity
  • protect students from traffic emissions from nearby roads
  • give students an opportunity to learn and engage with nature.

Hedera Ivy screens have already been installed at:

  • St Helen's Catholic School
  • Wyvil Primary School and Centre for Children With Speech and Language Impairment
  • Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School
  • Stockwell Primary School
  • Loughborough Primary School
  • St Anne’s Catholic Primary School
  • St John the Divine Primary School
  • Oasis Johanna Primary School
  • Rosendale Primary School

We are planning to roll out green screens at other schools in the future.

For more information see Green My School or to find out more email