Air quality

An overview of the actions that we are taking to tackle air pollution and improve air quality.

What you can do

Everyone has the power to make our air cleaner. You can start right away and have a positive impact in your home and in your community. By cycling and walking instead of driving, or by planting trees in your garden you can help improve the environment and your health.

Do your bit to improve air quality

Stop idling! If you own a vehicle, do not leave your engine running while stationary, as idling is a fineable offence and contributes to polluting the air around you unnecessarily. If you're interested in talking to people in idling vehicles and asking them to switch off:

Give up your car for short distances – walk or cycle instead, and use public transport for longer distances. We offer:

  • free cycle training for all abilities
  • a 'Try before you bike' scheme where you can try a bike for under £20 and return it if you feel cycling is not for you
  • a 'Silver cyclist' scheme, where you can ride with volunteers in Lambeth’s parks. 

To find out more:

Gas combustion from boilers used for heating contributes significantly to emissions in London, specifically NOx.

Use energy wisely and check our tips to reduce energy at home and at work in our energy guide:

Keep up-to-date with air pollution levels

Get air pollution forecasts for today and tomorrow in Lambeth via airTEXT. Download their mobile app to be alerted before high pollution episodes, or sign up to receive a daily text or an email to keep yourself up-to-date with air pollution levels.

You can also view pollution forecasts and sign up for email forecasts via London Air.

Avoid areas of high pollution

Walking or cycling from A to B? Avoid roads with dense traffic, as they have the highest pollution levels.

In case of high pollution episodes avoid strenuous activities outdoor and air pollution hotspots, such as busy roads, where possible. If you suffer from a respiratory or cardiovascular condition, please read our guide:

Read our Air Quality Resources 

• Businesses Air Quality Guide: are you a Lambeth business and are interested in improving air quality? Our business air quality guide provides tips for small and large businesses to reduce their impact on air pollution and improve air quality in our borough.

• Older Lambeth Citizens: read our Guide for Older Lambeth Citizens.

• Save energy at home and reduce air pollution through our Guide to Save Energy .