Climate action plan

Lambeth has worked with major institutions and businesses across the borough to develop a co-produced, collaborative Climate Action Plan

In 2021 Lambeth Council convened a Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis. The Assembly set out 6 principles and 13 recommendations to tackle the climate crisis in an equitable and fair way across the borough. The Climate Action Plan is the borough’s response to the climate and ecological emergency and to the Citizens’ Assembly. The plan has been prepared with the input of a large number of people from all over Lambeth and sets a clear direction for a sustainable and just recovery that contributes to local, national and global climate targets.

Lambeth’s CAP sets out a clear vision and high-level goals that have been developed in collaboration with many groups across the borough.  There are three key principles to guide climate action, these are : Fairness, Impact Focussed, Collaboration.

The Climate Action Plan has identified five areas of climate action. Each priority responds to a particular challenge and suggests a series of goals to achieve in order to be net zero compatible and deliver tangible improvements to peoples’ lives. These are Adaptation, Buildings & Energy, Transport, Waste, Consumption & Food, Biodiversity & Environmental Quality.  

Read Lambeth's Climate Action Plan here.