Lambeth's Climate Action Plan

Lambeth’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) sets out a vision and 20 goals for our borough to become net zero compatible and climate resilient by 2030

Executive summary

The plan focuses on five themes where we know we need to prioritise action. It has been developed by a wide range of community groups and businesses, and coordinated by the council. It sets measurable goals and creates the opportunity for everyone to play their part in securing a more sustainable and equitable future.

View Climate Action Plan executive summary (PDF 1.40MB)


Climate Action Plan report

Lambeth’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) report includes the case for action, our vision for a net zero and climate resilient borough, and 20 goals across five themes of climate action.

As we implement this plan, we need to make sure we understand and consider how different population groups may be impacted, ensuring climate justice guides our approach. It highlights the importance of hearing all voices, so that everyone in Lambeth can understand and play their role in creating a borough that is prosperous, fair, low carbon and climate resilient.

Key message 1: The CAP has been developed by a wide range of community groups and businesses across the borough for everyone who lives in, works in and visits Lambeth.

Key message 2: The CAP sets measurable goals to cover the depth and breadth of collaborative climate action needed.

Key message 3: Securing the future of our borough will be a journey. We must all learn from and support each other along the way.

View Climate Action Plan report (PDF 19MB)

The Climate Action Plan is being adapted to neighbourhoods. Following the receipt of funding from the Mayor of London’s Future Neighbourhoods 2030 Programme, the council worked with partners across the area to create a Waterloo and South Bank Future Neighbourhoods 2030 Strategy and Action Plan.

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