Transport Strategy Implementation Plan

Electric Vehicles

By providing Electric Vehicle (EV) chargepoints we aim to reduce emissions that impair local air quality and cause climate change.

In 2016 road transport in Lambeth was responsible for 30% of the borough’s total carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) and 60% of the boroughs total nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx). NOx is a tailpipe emission which is a priority for us to reduce because air in the borough is failing to meet legal limits for annual mean concentrations of it.

Refuelling an EV can take several hours so it is often done while the vehicle is parked. This refuelling time may reduce to just minutes in the future. Until it does, Lambeth has a role in providing chargepoints so that EVs are a viable option for people to use now. We manage a large number of parking spaces which are both on- street and on council managed estates. About a third of our residents live on estates we manage and much of the housing stock in the borough does not have off-street parking. In our Transport Strategy we have committed to install a minimum of 200 chargepoints by 2022. This plan sets out our approach to achieving that and how we will install EV chargepoints up to 2025.

Read more about the low traffic neighbourhoods plan in the full PDF - Appendix C Electric Vehicle Charging