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METRO is a leading equality and diversity charity, providing health, community and youth services across London and the South East.

STAR is a free and confidential weekly youth group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, sexuality/gender questioning (LGBTQ+) young people, plus all other young people who consider themselves to be part of a sexuality and/or gender experience minority. STAR is for those aged 13 – 19, and is provided by METRO at our group space in Vauxhall. It is facilitated by LGBTQ+ youth workers, and it's a friendly and safe place to meet other LGBTQ+ young people, get support and enjoy activities, trips and workshops about things that matter to you.

INSIDE OUT is a monthly youth group for LGBTQ+ people of colour aged 16-25, also provided by METRO at our Vauxhall group space. INSIDE OUT is a great new space, run by LGBTQ+ youth workers of colour, where you can meet other people with similar experiences, and participate in workshops and outings with themes that you can decide.”

All our groups are completely free to attend, and snacks are provided.

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Friday 3 June 2022
STAR runs every Friday, between 5pm to 7pm. INSIDE OUT currently runs on different days each month. Please email us for more information.