One Bag a Week

Welcome to One Bag a Week. Reducing the amount of rubbish we produce is an easy way to reduce our impact on the environment. 

If you’re currently throwing away more than one bin bag of rubbish a week, we're here to help you waste less and help Lambeth become carbon neutral by 2030.

Why one bag a week?

For most households, reducing rubbish to one bag a week is easy to do if you recycle as much as you can and are careful about what you throw away.

Aiming to throw away no more than one bag of non-recyclable waste per week is easy to remember, and also makes it easy to keep an eye on your progress.

No matter what type of collection you have, whether it’s from wheelie bins, communal bins or sacks, aiming for one bag a week can help reduce your waste and protect the environment.

To help us give you the right information, please tell us what sort of rubbish collection your property has:

My rubbish is collected from bins

My rubbish is collected from bags