Where you can load and unload your vehicle

How to avoid a parking ticket if collecting or delivering in Lambeth.

Where you can load and unload

Yellow lines

Unless loading restrictions are in force, you may load and unload on single or double yellow lines for as long as necessary before 11.00am, and for up to 40 minutes after 11.00am. Loading or unloading must be continuous.

Loading restrictions are identified by yellow stripes (chevrons) on the kerb:

  • Double stripes mean loading restrictions are in force at all times.
  • Single stripes mean no loading and unloading during certain times, which will be displayed on a time plate nearby.

Parking bays

You can stop to load and unload on Pay for parking and residents' bays for a maximum of 20 minutes during controlled hours.

Loading or unloading must be continuous and you should remove your vehicle once loading or unloading is completed. There are no restrictions outside of the controlled hours, which are displayed on a time plate.

Loading bays

In loading bays there is a maximum stay of 20 minutes. Activity must be constant - if no activity is seen for five minutes then a penalty charge notice may be issued.

Disabled bays

A maximum of 20 minutes is allowed for loading or unloading in a disabled bay. You should avoid loading and unloading in a disabled bay whenever possible, as priority goes to disabled drivers.

Bus lanes

You can load or unload in a bus lane for a maximum of 20 minutes. There must be someone with your vehicle at all times. Remove the vehicle immediately once you've finished loading or unloading.

As bus lanes are essential to keep traffic moving, you should avoid these where possible.


You may stop your vehicle on a pavement to load and unload if there is no other place to stop. Do not leave the vehicle unattended and move the vehicle if asked.

Avoid causing any obstructions to other vehicles and leave enough space for pedestrians and emergency services.

Setting down or picking up people and luggage

Unless there is a ban on stopping, you may stop to let passengers get in or out of your vehicle. However, this shouldn't be for longer than two minutes.

Unless there is good reason the driver should stay with the vehicle.