Community Parklet Scheme

Lambeth’s Community Parklet Scheme, supported by the Big Shift Community Fund, will fund 25 parklets (one in each borough ward) created and maintained by residents and community groups in partnership with the council. 

How it works

  1. Apply for the opportunity to create and maintain a parklet.  
  2. Create a basic parklet structure from the Community Parklet Scheme catalogue of items. 
  3. Choose items from the catalogue to furnish your parklet within the set budget.  
  4. We will build the parklet on your chosen street. 
  5. You will keep the parklet clean, tidy and well maintained for your community. 
  6. The council will be responsible for any major maintenance or repairs that may be required. 

Successful applicants will be allocated a ‘virtual’ budget to build a parklet from the Big Shift catalogue.

All parklets will have: 

  • a base 
  • two side barriers 
  • an outer barrier on the roadside.  

The allocated budget can be used for optional extras such as: 

  • seating 
  • cycle parking 
  • tables 
  • planting