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TCS London Mini Marathon 2024

We're inviting young Lambeth residents between the ages of 11 and 17 years to a trial to be selected to represent Team Lambeth at the 2024 TCS London Mini Marathon.

This is an annual sports event, in which young athletes from across 33 London Boroughs and nine regions of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales compete against each other in a 2.6km road race. This year’s event will take place on Saturday 20th April 2024.

Who Can Apply?

The race is open to runners aged between 11 and 17 and covers 2.6 km of the main London Marathon route. To be eligible to represent Team Lambeth, athletes must either live or go to a school in the borough.

There are three main age categories for the 2024 race as follows (both male and female entrants in each category):

  • Under-13 male and female (School years 7 and 8) - must have been aged 11 or 12 on Wednesday 31 August 2023;
  • Under-15 male and female (School years 9 and 10) - must have been aged 13 or 14 on Wednesday 31 August 2023;
  • Under-17 male and female (School years 11 and 12) - must have been aged 15 or 16 on Wednesday 31st August 2023.

Further information on these age categories can be found on the London Marathon website at

How to enter

Stage One - Team Lambeth Selection Process:

To be selected we are inviting young people to attend specific trial/run sessions. We will be using Parkrun, Power of 10 or a recorded race track time as qualifying time submissions to select the final team.

Parkrun details:

You can refer to the Parkrun website for details of your local run and the course route.

Stage Two - Register for selection

  • To take part in a parkrun you need to register online in advance of the first race ( You  only need to register once to get your unique bar code.
  • Print the bar code to bring with you to the parkrun. You must take this bar code to every parkrun you take part in, otherwise your time cannot be accredited to you. Parkrun volunteers scan the bar code at the finish line to record who you are and what position you finish within your age group.
  • Once you have a recorded time either through Parkrun or other race meets/avenues, please submit your race time with the following information to our Lambeth Sports email address at

First Name/Surname/Gender/DOB/School Year/School Name/Full Address/Parent (or Carer) contact details. 

It is important to note that boroughs are only allowed to select 6 runners in each age category, therefore selection will be robust.

What Happens Next?

Subject to your race submission time, we will select participants in each age category.

For further information on representing Team Lambeth, contact us by email at or call 020 7926 0396.

TCS Mini London Wheelchair and Ambulant/ Para Marathon

Wheelchair and ambulant athlete entry

There is also the opportunity for young athletes who use wheelchairs or have a physical or sensory impairment to take part in the TCS Mini London Marathon championships in the following categories:

  • Under-14 Boys and Girls Wheelchair
  • Under-17 Boys and Girls Wheelchair
  • Under-14 Boys and Girls Ambulant
  • Under-17 Boys and Girls Ambulant

How to Apply

For further details on taking part in these categories please contact Michelle Weltman, the TCS Mini London Marathon Wheelchair and Ambulant/Para Athlete Coordinator at

If you would like to discuss anything further, before or after applying, please contact the Lambeth Community Sports team on or 0207 926 0396