Parks strategies and investment plan

This page contains information about park strategies and investment plans.

Parks strategies and investment plans

Lambeth contains over 78 parks, commons, and other public open spaces, which are managed and maintained for all of our residents, as well as visitors to the borough, to enjoy in safety and comfort.

We want all our public spaces to be safe, welcoming, sustainable and accessible to everyone. To achieve this, Lambeth has a number of key strategies and policies to explain how we want to manage and improve its parks and open spaces, and to then keep them that way in order that they continue to meet our customer’s expectations and needs.

Lambeth parks and open spaces strategic plan

The Lambeth Parks and Open Spaces Strategic Plan 2020-25 sets out how we will provide, and then maintain, a diverse range of safe, well managed parks and open spaces that actively improve the quality of life for all our residents and visitors; as well as delivering a wide range of environmental, social and economic benefits.

It contains ten strategic principles through which we will ensure all of Lambeth’s public open spaces are inclusive, well maintained and provide positive benefits for the mental and physical wellbeing of our residents and other users.

Lambeth park and open strategies (PDF,978KB)

Lambeth parks capital investment plan

In 2014 Lambeth Council approved its first investment plan for its parks and open spaces, and since almost £10m of improvements have taken place across over forty public open spaces. In 2020 we committed additional funding to continue to improve our parks, commons, and other public open spaces over five years until 2025.

The Parks Capital Investment Plan 2020-25 explains how we will be using allocated capital funds to improve many of the core items that make all of Lambeth’s public open spaces an enjoyable experience for residents and other users, such as play areas, paths, landscaping, toilets, and sports facilities. It describes how we will use these funds to make each site welcoming, attractive and safe to use, with a wide range of quality facilities on offer.

Lambeth park capital investment plan (PDF,107MB)

Lambeth playing pitch and outdoor sports strategy

The Lambeth Playing Pitch & Outdoor Sport Strategy (PPOSS) is a supply and demand assessment of playing pitch and other outdoor sports facilities in Lambeth. It has been produced in accordance with Sport England’s “Playing Pitch Strategy Guidance: An approach to developing and delivering a Playing Pitch Strategy”.

As well as the assessment report, a strategy and action plan are also available which sets out how Lambeth will deliver on providing facilities which meet the future needs and demands of residents and other sports users in the borough.

Copies of both documents are available to download from here.

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