Rules and regulations

How we protect you and our parks and open spaces.

Lambeth has over 60 parks, commons and green spaces. They are all protected by the Lambeth Parks and Open Spaces byelaws, local laws designed to complement, rather than replace, existing laws.

These byelaws help to improve people's enjoyment of these spaces for all sorts of activities, such as walking, sports, play, picnics and relaxing. These are all positive uses of open spaces.

However, sometimes they are used for unacceptable activities that may cause distress or injury to other users, or damage to council or personal property. 

Our byelaws allow us to monitor such activity and, if necessary, prevent it altogether.

We want to help make your visit enjoyable for you, your family and friends.

If you would like to download a copy of the byelaws, please click the icon labelled 'Next' below.