Tree Planting

The tree planting programme is a scheme to increase the number of trees within the borough

Lambeth Council is working to increase the number of trees in the borough through a tree planting programme.  This will deliver a net increase of 5000 new trees between 2023 and 2026. The council will be planting in all sorts of spaces across the borough, including streets, housing estates, schools and health centres.

The planting programme has been informed by the Lambeth Urban Forest Strategy that lays out a clear plan to maintain and care for the borough’s existing trees, whilst seeking to increase the canopy cover of the borough from an average of 17% to 20%. The strategy also includes the development of a Tree Champions Network, creating opportunities for Lambeth residents to learn about trees and get involved with the care of the amazing trees in our borough.

Trees bring many benefits to everyone living in Lambeth, from filtering out pollution and providing cleaner air to breathe to promoting wellbeing and providing a home for nature.

Trees also play a crucial role in our efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. They will protect our communities from extreme heat through releasing cooling water vapour and providing shade, whilst also reducing the effects of localised flooding.

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