Grafton Square

Grafton Square is a small open space located close to Clapham Town Centre.

It was first developed in 1851 by Captain Thomas Ross, who built grand terraces on two sides of the garden square with smaller houses on the third side, although the fourth side was never built and is now a relatively quiet local street. The central garden to the square was originally surrounded by rails and planted with shrubs but in 1927 it was exclusively let to a local tennis club.

The garden came into public ownership in 1953, and was subsequently laid out with seats, a shelter and play area, with more modern replacement railings.

The southern part of the square has a large area laid out as a children’s playground, with the rest of the site consisting of grass lawns, with paths, seating and a number of large trees.



Grafton Square
London SW4 0DE
United Kingdom


Opening times

Venue opening times

Grafton Square is normally open from 7.30am until 15 mins before sunset.