Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green

Wild flowers and meadow grassland in Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green

Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green is an area of open space surrounded by high-density social and public housing, built on land left behind by the demolition of old housing in the 1970s.

In 2003 a partnership of residents and Lambeth Council, with support from the Government’s Lottery-funded ‘Doorstep Green’ programme, undertook a series of environmental and access improvements on site, culminating in it being declared a ‘Doorstep Green’ in 2005. Additional funding has since delivered other improvements, including a new children’s playground, a dog exercise area, new paths and seating.

Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green is managed as a place for play, learning and relaxation, but also for biodiversity, with hedges, meadows and a mixture of native and ornamental trees.

Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green is also a Local "Site of Importance for Nature Conservation" (or SINC) for the London Borough of Lambeth, in recognition of its importance not just for wildlife, but also for people living in both Lambeth and London to enjoy access to nature.

Part of the site is managed as a dedicated wildlife garden by 'Roots and Shoots', a Lambeth charity dedicated to vocational training, environmental education and nature conservation. Roots & Shoots’ award-winning Learning Centre lies to the immediate north of the Green, and together  they make a major contribution to the biodiversity of both Vauxhall and Lambeth, as well as enabling local residents of all ages to enjoy nature and relax in both safety and comfort.

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Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green, including the Roots & Shoots-managed area, is normally open 24 hours a day.