Streatham Vale Park

Streatham Vale Park is an important medium-sized open green space within a fairly urban area.

Streatham vale Park is situated on the site of an old brickworks once owned by the Ellison family. The property was sold in 1925 and part of the site offered to Wandsworth Borough Council for public benefit, either as allotments or a new open space. The council developed the land as a new public park, and an extra piece of land added to create entrances from Abercairn Road. A children’s playground was opened in 1930 and the rest of the park completed in 1931.

Streatham Vale Park provides local people with an important community green space, and contains not just a children’s playground but also tennis courts, a nursery and games courts. A strip of land along Lonesome Way was added in 2009 to create new wildlife-friendly boundary features, improved access and a community garden area.

Sports and play facilities in Streatham Vale Park are managed by and booked through Streatham Youth and Community Trust (SYCT).

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Abercairn Road
Streatham Vale
London SW16 5AL
United Kingdom


Opening times

Venue opening times

Streatham Vale Park is normally open from 7.30am until 15 minutes before sunset.