Sunnyhill Nature Garden

Sunnyhill Nature Garden is a small open space that lies on top of a railway tunnel running between Tulse Hill and Streatham.

Originally a neglected area of scrub, it has gradually been transformed into a safe and accessible community nature garden through a grant provided by the Mayor of London’s Growing Back Greener urban regeneration programme. It is now managed in partnership with local residents and Streatham Common Cooperative (SCCoop), through the Sunnyhill Nature Garden Umbrella Group (SNUG).

Sunnyhill Nature Garden is a small yet valuable pocket of natural space in Lambeth, and is managed for both its wildlife interest and as an educational resource for schools and residents.

It is also a Local "Site of Importance for Nature Conservation" (or SINC) for the London Borough of Lambeth, in recognition of its importance not just for wildlife, but also for people living in both Lambeth and London to enjoy access to nature. It is a place to both protect and visit for present and future generations to experience and enjoy nature in a safe setting.

The Garden, once restoration is complete, will include a pond and species-rich meadow, and is designed to accommodate a wide range of outdoor sessions with schools and nurseries, alongside volunteering events and open days which allow local people to visit, use and enjoy the space and socialise with each other.

Other useful information

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Sunnyhill Road
London SW16 2UN
United Kingdom


Opening times

Venue opening times

Sunnyhill Nature Garden is normally closed to the public, but can be opened during special events, including volunteering activities.