Pre-application planning advice and Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs)

Use this guide to find information on getting pre-application planning advice and about Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs).

Talk to us for advice before you make a planning application, to understand how our policies apply and get an early idea of the feasibility of a project. For larger, more complicated developments, you can consider a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA).

As a consequence of current service demands and staff resourcing challenges, the council’s pre-application service is continuing but is subject to delays.

This means that we cannot provide the level of service and response times we have prided ourselves on in the past. Developers/applicants should be aware of this when submitting a request for pre-application advice.

Officers will contact developers/applicants as soon as possible following receipt to discuss timeframes and next steps. Please also note that the Development Management Service will issue pre-application advice based on information submitted and will not invite further information between a meeting and providing written advice.