Infrastructure Coordination Development Service

We offer an Infrastructure Coordination service, which aims to support developers in better coordinating the infrastructure that links new developments into existing networks. 

The service is a joint initiative between the borough and the Mayor of London.

We work with developers in the early stages of a project to determine key infrastructure constraints and opportunities. This can be in relation to existing assets, utilities capacities, or interfaces with highways and other transportation networks. We also help to identify opportunities to work with other developers and infrastructure providers.

As a project nears construction stage, we can act as a link to the borough’s Highways and Streetworks teams. We can manage the dialogue around highways-related works, as well as liaise with the relevant borough teams regarding the impact of construction-related activity on the highways network. We can also facilitate the process of securing licences and approvals.

Through effective communication, lateral thinking and a collaborative mindset, we deliver joined-up infrastructure solutions, making the construction process more efficient and reducing project risk.

The service can be offered as part of a PPA or under its own separate agreement.

Contact us

Please contact Rachel Sandbrook, Infrastructure and Development Coordination Lead, for more information at