Inspector's Report

The council has received the Inspectors’ Report following the Examination of its Draft Revised Lambeth Local Plan, ongoing since submission on 22 May 2020

The Inspector’s Report concludes that the Draft Revised Lambeth Local Plan provides an appropriate basis for planning of the borough, provided that a number of main modifications are made to it.  The main modifications were subject to public consultation over a six week period  in February and March 2021 and the Inspector has recommended their inclusion in the Plan after considering all the representations made in response to the consultation on them.  The Report also confirms that Lambeth has a five year housing land supply, which means there are sufficient available and deliverable sites in the borough to meet the housing delivery target of at least 1,335 net additional new homes in Lambeth each year for the next five years.

The Inspector’s Report can be viewed below:

Physical copies of the Inspector’s report and appendix can be viewed at any Lambeth library during normal opening hours and the Lambeth Civic Centre (by appointment) until February 2022. 

An appointment can be made to view the Inspector’s Report at the Civic Centre by contacting: