Apply for a primary school place for 2024-25

Use this guide to help you when applying for a primary school place.

Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs)

Some schools ask you to complete a SIF to provide extra information for the admissions criteria to be looked at fully. This is in addition to the Common Application Form being submitted.

It is vital that you submit any SIFs that are required for the schools that you apply for by their deadline. If you don't, this will significantly reduce the likelihood of your child gaining a place at the school.

Check pages 18-23, as well as the criteria pages, in the following booklet for more information.

Starting primary school in 2024/25 booklet

Downloads and external links

Please download the SIFs for the schools listed below, or submit the SIF online, if the school has an online version. If there is no link to a form, this will be provided as soon as possible.