Community Weeding Scheme

You can nurture local biodiversity by taking a selective approach to weeding your street’s pavements.

What will happen if I sign my road up?

We need to make sure that other people living in your street are aware of the project and have a chance to ask questions and raise concerns.

Before you sign up, please try to speak to as many neighbours as possible to get an idea of whether people are likely to support the scheme. This could be done face to face, or using your street’s email, Facebook, or WhatsApp group if it has one.

Once you sign up, we’ll provide you with letters to deliver to your neighbours that will explain the project and enable people to contact the council if they have any questions.

Assuming your neighbours are tolerant of the scheme, you’ll then be provided with a garden waste sack that you can use to collect any plants that you need to remove. This can be put out for emptying with your bins on your normal collection day. You’ll also receive a manual to help with identifying plants that need to be removed.