Creating Healthier and Safer Neighbourhoods for Lambeth

We consulted with you in February and March last year on our proposals to make the roads below in Gipsy Hill and Thurlow Park wards safer for people to walk and cycle, and we received responses from many residents as well as our partners in the emergency services.

  • Rosendale Road, Turney Road, Tritton Road, Clive Road, Hamilton Road, Paxton Place, Gipsy Road and Gipsy Hill.

Across Lambeth we are working towards a step change in how we move around our local neighbourhoods so that these local areas are not dominated by car traffic; are safer for more people – in particular families and young people - to be involved in active forms of travel such as walking, cycling and scooting, and benefit from cleaner air.

The initial proposals presented to you last year included advisory cycle lanes along part of the route. However, we received objections from statutory consultees to those designs. Since then, we have been working with Transport for London (TfL), the funders of this scheme, to produce an improved design that addresses those concerns, and considers new guidance that has emerged from TfL as part of their Cycling Action Plan and Healthy Routes network.

This design work is still ongoing, but we hope that it will be completed this summer with a view to presenting the new designs later on in the year.

For more information on the project going forward please contact us at