Voting by post or proxy

Voting by post means we will send you a posting voting pack so you can complete your ballot paper at home and return it in the post when elections take place. Voting by proxy means someone you trust voting on your behalf.

Refreshing your postal vote signature

If you're currently registered to vote by post and have been sent a letter asking you to provide your signature again, you need to respond by the date given on the letter.

We hold signature and date of birth details for everyone that's registered to vote by post. These details are used as security when you return your postal vote at an election.

An important part of keeping postal voting secure is that around every 5 years, all postal voters need to provide their signature again.

If you want to carry on voting by post, please follow the instructions on the letter and send back the signature refresh form using the pre-paid envelope provided.

If you no longer want to vote by post, please tick the box on the form and return it using the pre-paid envelope provided.