Council Tax Support

Financial help to pay your Council Tax.

Apply for financial help to pay your Council Tax

If you receive Council Tax Support you pay less, or sometimes no, Council Tax. You can apply if you’re:

  • on a low income and paying Council Tax
  • are living in the property as your main home
  • have less than £10,000 in savings, or £16,000 if you're a pensioner.

If you've made a claim for Universal Credit you also need to apply to us for Council Tax Support.

Lambeth's Council Tax Support scheme has changed from April 2022. The scheme is more generous than before, so you may now be eligible for support, even if you were not eligible before.

Apply using mylambeth

If you apply for Council Tax Support in mylambeth you'll be able to stay up to date with your application and:

  • track the status of your claim
  • see how much you can claim
  • report a change in circumstances

Apply for Council Tax Support using mylambeth

Apply without using mylambeth

You can apply using our Council Tax Support claim form if you do not want to use mylambeth. You will not be able to check for updates on your application.

Apply for Council Tax Support without using mylambeth

Evidence for your claim

We need evidence of your income and savings so we can deal with your claim correctly and promptly. You should aim to provide the evidence within a few days of making your claim whenever possible.

We’ll tell you which documents we need when you apply. You'll be able to upload them in the form or come back to the form later when you have them.

Other ways we can help you

Find other ways to get help paying your Council Tax bill.

Check what exemptions or discounts you may be able to apply for.