Sexual health

Use this guide to find more information about our sexual health services, abortions, contraception, and HIV prevention and support.

In-person clinics

GP surgeries

Your GP surgery may offer sexual health check-ups and contraception. This can include long-acting reversible contraceptives such as the implant, IUS and IUD (coil). The service is free and confidential. Contact your practice to see what they offer. Use the NHS Find a GP tool to search for a GP.

LARC services

LARC stands for Long-Acting Reversible Contraception such as IUDs and IUSs (coils).

The LARC Hub: The LARC Hub provides IUDs and IUSs (coil), emergency IUDs, and the implant. For more information, visit the LARC Hub website.

MSI Reproductive Choices: MSI Reproductive Choices provide a range of services and care through their network of local clinics. They have an advice line that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact 0345 300 2350 and a contraceptive nurse will talk through the available options. Visit the MSI Reproductive Choices website.

Find Sexual Health: The Find Sexual Health online service allows you to search sexual and reproductive services that are located in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. By using your postcode, you will be able to find services, such as contraception and condom services, near you. 

Sexual and reproductive health pharmacies

Your local community pharmacy can provide both the progestogen only and the combined contraceptive pills. Sexual and reproductive health pharmacies will also provide free condoms if you are under 25 and offer advice and referrals for long-acting reversible contraception.

For your nearest pharmacy use the Find Sexual Health directory to search for a pharmacy in Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham using your postcode

Sexual health clinics

If you just want a check-up, you can access the online service which may be more convenient. Visit the Sexual Health London website.

The following clinics provide sexual health testing and the full range of contraception, including IUDs and IUSs (coil), emergency IUDs, and the implant. Visit the websites for opening times:

You can also use the Find Sexual Health directory to search for clinics in Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham using your postcode.


Only a small number of people in the UK have had mpox and the risk remains low. 

Call a sexual health clinic if you've had close contact with someone who has or might have mpox. 

For more information about mpox symptoms and the mpox vaccination, see the mpox information on the NHS website.