A2217 Acre Lane Collision Reduction Measures

To reduce collisions and improve road safety on A2217 Acre Lane between Bedford Road and Trinity Gardens we’re making some highways improvements as part of the Council’s collision reduction programme.

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Project status: In development Cost: A provision of £842,774 has been made for the collision reduction programme within the Local Improvement Plan 2019/20 grant settlement from TfL. Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide

Lambeth Council is committed to reducing road danger and the number of people being killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions, a key part of the Councils Transport Strategy. To improve and promote road safety, we’re proposing some highway improvements to A2217 Acre Lane between Bedford Road and Trinity Gardens in two phases.

Every Highway Authority has a statutory duty to deliver a programme of measures designed to promote road safety. It must carry out studies into road traffic collision incidents and take measures that aim to reduce them recurring. In Lambeth, we plan to do this through targeted infrastructure improvements and working with the Police on enforcement campaigns.

The proposals

The proposals for phase 1 consist of side-road entry treatments at the following locations:

  • Acre Lane at the junction with Hetherington Road
  • Acre Lane at the junction with Plato Road
  • Acre Lane at the junction with Stratheleven Road
  • Acre Lane at the junction with Branksome Road
  • Acre Lane at the junction with Concannon Road
  • Acre Lane at the junction with Corrance Road
  • Acre Lane at the junction with Ballater Road
  • and raising the carriageway level in Acre Lane at the junction with Baytree Road

The proposals will particularly benefit cyclists by encouraging drivers to slow down at points in the road where a collision is more likely to happen. They also support the council’s key performance indicator (KPI) of reducing the number of collisions that cause serious or fatal injuries on roads for which the council is the highway authority.

The council’s shorter-term investment plan for delivering this outcome is contained in the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) attached to that Strategy. It commits to meeting three targets:

  • Reduce to 146 per year the number of people who are killed or seriously injured (KSI) in personal injury collisions (PIC) in the borough of Lambeth by 2022
  • Reduce the KSI to 77 per year by 2030
  • Reduce the KSI to zero by 2041

To identify where investment is most likely to be effective in helping meet these outcomes, officers use MAST, an advanced online road safety analysis tool. Using reports of collisions in which people were injured that have been provided by TfL’s London Road Safety Unit, it identifies where, on the borough’s 325 km of road, interventions are most likely to result in the greatest reduction in KSI. The data is also shared with the police to support targeted enforcement and engagement to improve road safety.

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