Central Hill estate

The council is rebuilding the Central Hill estate to provide hundreds of new, better homes for existing tenants and people on the council’s housing list. 

central hill estate
Project status: In development Cost: To be determined Neighbourhood: Norwood

Many families on the Central Hill estate are living in very poor quality homes, facing problems with damp, mould, cold bridging and poor sound proofing between houses. The design of the overall estate creates serious accessibility problems for older and mobility-disabled residents.

As the refurbishment of the estate through the Lambeth Housing Standard was found to be estimated at over three times the amount of other Lambeth estates per property, the council has made the decision to rebuild the estate.

Rebuilding of Central Hill estate will not only allow the existing tenants to enjoy brand new, warm, dry and secure homes but will build hundreds more homes to meet the borough’s housing need.

The precise number of homes to be built will be determined by viability & planning assessments, but it is anticipated that up to 750 more homes may be built – in line with the March 2017 report to Lambeth’s Cabinet.

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