Cowley Road Footway and Carriageway Resurfacing

We carried out works to improve Cowley Road using an innovative and sustainable approach to resurfacing, which focused on creating a better environment for the local community, where biodiversity flourishes, sustainable transport is encouraged and flooding risk is reduced. 

New turf and cycle lane on Cowley Road
Project status: Completed Cost: £80,000 Neighbourhood: Brixton

Lambeth Council has now completed works to improve the surface of Cowley Road. The works have helped to create a nicer environment for the local community and contribute to our commitment to tackling climate change in the borough. We used a range of modern-day techniques, which included using recycled materials and methods that support and encourage biodiversity and creating healthier and safer streets for residents living in and around the local area. The works started on 19 October 2020 and finished on 23 January 2021.

The works include: 

  • New turf and planters added to the open spaces to increase biodiversity and green infrastructure.
  • HIP installed a new cycle lane between Vassall Road and Cancell Road to guarantee the safety of local cyclists and support sustainable transport.
  • An estimated 318 recycled tyres (21 tonnes) were used in Cowley Road to produce the permeable material used to pave around the trees. This permeable material contributes to growing healthy urban trees through the admission of water and air to their rooting areas. The material allows local rainwater and reduces the risk of flooding.
  • Four bird boxes were placed on trees to support wildlife and provide habitats for feeding and breeding as well as shelter. Artificial bird nests have been used successfully to conserve some bird species.

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