Knight's Walk estate

84 new homes will be built, as well as improved pedestrian walkways, and a new community space.

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Project status: In development Neighbourhood: Kennington

Designed by award-winning architects Mae, in close consultation with local residents, two new blocks of modern and energy efficient apartments have received planning permission. These will adjoin the existing ‘Section House’ at a similar height, overlooking an improved Knight’s Walk pedestrian walkway with luscious planting.

In total, 84 new homes will be built in two phases, replacing 18 of the existing patio houses, and integrating with the remaining 15 of these low-rise homes. All 14 of the current secure tenants will move into new council-level rented homes, and there will be a further 25 affordable homes, including 13 new homes for people on the council’s housing list. There are also plans for a community space for all residents to use for clubs, meetings, events and socialising.

Replacing the existing garages, the first phase of this scheme is a small, stepped 5 storey block on Renfrew Road. Starting on site in spring 2019, it will deliver 16 new homes at council-level rent for existing residents to move into in 2021.

Phase 2 will involve replacing selected low-rise patio houses and one apartment block, allowing us to build an additional 68 homes, a mix of council-level rent, affordable and open market.

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Knight’s Walk is part of the Cotton Gardens estate in Kennington
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