Larkhall Lane parallel zebra crossing

We upgraded an existing zebra crossing to a parallel crossing to ensure a safe crossing for cyclists as well as pedestrians. 

Zebra crossing on Larkhall Lane
Project status: Completed Cost: £8,500 (from TfL's Local Implementation Funding) Neighbourhood: Clapham

As part of the council's continued commitment to create safer and healthier streets for residents in the borough by encouraging active travel, including walking and cycling, we upgraded the existing zebra crossing on Larkhall Lane to a parallel crossing. This has helped to improve the area and create a safer environment for residents.

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In 2017, we consulted with residents to get their views on the crossings which they felt needed upgrading to make them feel safer when crossing the road. Feedback from the consultation then fed into the scheme, part of a series of highways improvement measures within our Healthy Routes programme funded by TfL and helped us to decide which locations to upgrade. Thank you to everyone who shared their views with us. 

Man cycles on parallel crossing

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Larkhall Lane