Loughborough Park Environmental Improvements

Lambeth Council has funding to update and improve infrastructure and facilities at Loughborough Park.

Pathway in Loughborough Park
Project status: In development Neighbourhood: Brixton

The play equipment in Loughborough park needs upgrading and the sports pitch needs to be developed to meet current demands, catering for basketball and volleyball in addition to football. The Council will be renewing the network of footpaths within the park to make it more accessible and of a standard to last for the next 10+ years.

At the heart of the park, a fenced-off area that is currently inaccessible to the public is also being considered to be re-incorporated within the park. There will also be more seating provided and fences repainted. We will be assessing the timing of the improvement works against the current constraints and restrictions placed on us due to coronavirus (Covid- 19).

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Loughborough Park