Our Streets: Streatham South – Improvements to the junction at Kempshott and Buckleigh Roads

We’re making improvements at the junction Kempshott Road and Buckleigh Road to make the road safer for pedestrians.

Kempshott Road
Project status: In delivery Cost: £52,000 S106 from Tesco Development Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide

To improve safety at the junction of Kempshott and Buckleigh road the council is proposing to make adjustments to the existing speed table making this location safer for pedestrians, in particular school-aged children who walk to school. The proposal follows on from the Streatham South Our Streets consultation we held in September 2018, where pedestrian safety was a key theme in the responses we received.

The key features and benefits of the proposals are:

Build-outs – on Kempshott Road (completed April 2020)

  • Shortens the amount of road that pedestrians have to cross
  • Enables pedestrians better visibility of oncoming traffic
  • Enables drivers better visibility of oncoming traffic and pedestrians
  • Narrows the road which helps reduce traffic speed

Tactile paving – on all arms of the junction (completed April 2020)

  • Provides a defined crossing point
  • Improves the facility for visually impaired pedestrians

Extend double yellow lines (ongoing)

  • Stops parking at the junction to improve visibility for all
  • Planters – on Kempshott Road (ongoing)
  • To deter fly tripping
  • Improve the aesthetic quality of the junction by adding planting

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Kempshott Road