Sandell Street pedestrian upgrade

We are working with Transport for London to improve the pedestrian experience on Sandell Street.

Lorry parked up in sandell street as people walk by
Project status: In development Neighbourhood: Vauxhall and Waterloo

We are investing in the streets and spaces around Waterloo roundabout to make sure all parts of Waterloo and the South Bank are well connected and the area is easy to walk and cycle around.

Sandell Street is an increasingly busy street used by over 22,000 pedestrians a day, but currently has narrow footways and uneven surfaces, making it difficult to move through.

The project is being undertaken by the Council and will:

  • Reduce the dominance of traffic and create a healthier and more attractive environment for people to walk through, with wider footpaths and trees and plants where possible
  • Tackle pedestrian and cycle conflict at the junction of Sandell Street with Cornwall Roadkeep buses and occasional traffic moving through the area reducing congestion and air pollution.

We are doing lots of work to improve the roads in the area. In addition to this project on Sandell Street, we will also be making changes to the road layout around Waterloo Roundabout, in partnership with TfL. These improvements will make Waterloo an easier and much-improved environment for pedestrians and cyclists to travel through.

More information: 

Transport for London's Waterloo Roundabout (and surrounding area) project page

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The project involves the junction of Sandell Street and Waterloo Road, the length of Sandell St, the junction of Sandell Street