South Bank Public Realm Protection

We have installed counter terrorist security barriers at key points to create a safety zone around the South Bank to protect pedestrians by preventing an attack using a vehicle as a weapon. 

Wall built in South Bank
Project status: Completed Cost: CIL funded £1,790,239 Neighbourhood: Vauxhall and Waterloo

To keep pedestrians safe in the event of a terrorist attack with a motor vehicle, we have installed Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) security measures and engineering improvements at nine sites around the South Bank. The measures aim to increase security and protect residents and visitors on the South Bank within the borough’s boundaries. 

In addition a large bespoke granite wall structure that is HVM compliant has been installed on the north side of Bernie Spains Gardens in partnership with Coin Street Community Builders. 

Background information 

The decision to install Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) security was based on recommendations from the Metropolitan Police and is confidential in nature. By delivering the works, we delivered on one of our strategic priorities: 

Our transport network is safe and secure, people feel confident about using public transport and our public spaces are well designed and maintained, encouraging people to interact and spend time together. 

The project was delivered in three instalments given the length of the South Bank within the Borough boundary. A fourth instalment of work, a bespoke granite wall that is HVM compliant, was delivered by Coin Street Community Builders on behalf of the Council. 

Freeholders and leaseholders were consulted, and their feedback and requirements were captured. Post-installation, the maintenance and operational responsibility of the measures is a combination of Council and third-party agreements.  

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